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GOALS Co. is an international education agency created by international foreigners for international foreigners.

It all started with our search for genuine advice, so that is what we offer!

We help people the way we wanted to be helped

We have a presence in Australia, Canada, Latin America and Philippines.


Education Agent (CCG 888)

Grecia is from Mexico, her passion for helping people has driven her to genuinely support international students. She has been an international student in Australia, so she understands quite well the needs of the students.

She is certified to give advice in Canada and Australia.

Languages: Spanish & English


Education Agent

Jan is from the Philippines and has lived in Singapore and Australia. He understands the struggles of finding the right course and right environment to suit his needs and has a strong passion for helping other people who face a similar dilemma. He has been an international student and worker so he can understand the needs of international students.

Language: English


Administrative Assistant

Dhruv is from India, he has lived in UK and Australia as an international student and worker. He studied Project Management and Digital Marketing. He is a real team player and a customer service star! He currently lives in Australia helping our students to achieve their Goals.

*All our agents are certified by the ICEF and PIER with valid registration numbers that you can check on this website*